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Body Protector & Horse Riding Hat Fitting Service

Rider hat fitting service Bath
BETA Approved helmet and body protector fitting

All our staff at C.J.Puddy Saddlery are fully trained and certified by BETA in hat and body protector fitting. We can measure, fit and advise you on the product which best suits you and your needs. We offer a free and personalised rider hat fitting service for all of our horse riding helmet, hat and body protector customers.

Riding Hat Fitting Service

In store we stock a range of hats from Jockey Skull Hats to Fixed Peak hats, and cater for all sizes. As head shape is as much a factor in hat choice as size the hats we stock have various shapes: from round to oval, shallow to deep, heavily padded to vented. We also have specialist hat tape, wedge and inserts which we can use to custom fit the hat to your unique shape. All our hats meet the latest European Safety Standards and are British Kitemarked.

With the emphasis is on safety, we'll help you find exactly the right helmet for you. Protection from impact upon a fall - including the hat's ability to stay in place - remains the number one priority, we'll also make sure you are able to see and hear clearly to enhance their safety while riding.

Comfort is another requirement, which is why our hats and helmets come in a wide range of sizes to fit all head shapes.

If you're considering buying a new riding hat then pop in and see us at C.J Puddy Saddlery, for all the advice and information you need to choose the most suitable hat to match your needs and budget.

Body Protector Fitting

We stock Airowear's Outlyne Body Protector and How's Racesafe body protector, both are BETA certified products and have been tested and approved to a Level 3 European Safety Standard.

Level 3 protectors provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses.

We stock an extensive range of sizes for both children and adults. So whether you need a short, long, slim or wide fit body protector we will have one that suits your shape and needs.

Modern body protectors are flexible, lightweight and come in fun, fashionable colours are quick and easy to put on - and won't necessarily cost as much as you may think.

Also in store we have the Point Two Air Jackets, as used by 14 nations at the 2012 Olympics. The Point Two Air Jacket uses revolutionary airbag technology to offer protection to riders of all disciplines. The Point Two air vest provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a body protector alone. The jacket contains a CO2 canister that causes the air vest to inflate when the rider is unseated or thrown from a horse. The jacket inflates in under 1/10 second and holds the rider tight for 15-20 seconds before slowly deflating.

In store we are able to fit you to the Point Two Air Jacket, as well as demonstrating of how the jacket inflates, how to change the air canisters and how to attach the jacket's lanyard to your saddle.

A good fit is the key to comfort and safety. Call us or visit us for more information and advice.